“An intensive course can be the ideal way to make the most of your time”

Intensive courses

IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH RADICALLY throughout the year or in summer.

Want to learn English? Do you have the time to devote yourself more intensively to the language? Want to travel abroad and enjoy the experience? Do you need it for work purposes?

Whatever the reason …This is your place!

If you can´t travel abroad to practice, or you´re finding English a bit difficult you should try our intensive courses starting from 5h a week through our unique English classes to improve and perfect the language in a spoken form. We´ll help you improve your knowledge, practice what you already know and perfect your spoken English and understanding abilities.

What do we offer?

– Dynamic and fun classes that will teach you to speak and communicate in English.
– Clear results from the first week
– Native speakers with different accents and nationalities
– Flexible hours
– Intensive English Courses specially designed for you to bring out the best performance in the course.

Speak English and learn English at any time of year and intensively with our:

and in the summer months give a growth spurt to your English with our:

*You can complete a unit/level of our unique methodology in a month attending a 2h/day (40h month).

Request information by email or phone. Once the placement test is done we will recommend the best intensive for you to get the most out of the course with us.


B1- PET Course – 40h Express

Need PET or B1 and you don´t have the time?

We have created a 40h intensive for you, to review all grammatical content and vocabulary at the level that´s required for the PET – B1.

We will prepare you to deal, in a short time, for the official exam to help you certify your English.
Years of experience and hard work are behind this new course that we offer exclusively in UPtoU for you to go as prepared as possible to the PET exam – B1.

A combination of B1-PET EXPRESS will see you working:
– Speaking, listening and overall English through our unique methodology Speak Your Mind
– Specific preparation for the official examination in writing, reading and listening.

We give you the means …. you put in the effort and motivation to achieve your goal.
– It is essential to do a placement test to demonstrate a minimum level of A2 prior to starting the course.

Give us a call to set your appointment for the level test @ 871-968583 or write to mallorca@uptou.es.

** This course can be combined with our Intensive courses that will get you speaking fluently while expanding your vocabulary and comprehension with native speakers from different nationalities offering you a fantastic variety of accents that will help you get the required English level for the exam.