Speak Your Mind Mallorca is here to change things in the language field.
With a different approach and a different methodology…

We stand as a school of English that is completely different from others…

Our aim is to get people in Majorca speaking English!

“When I first moved to Palma de Mallorca I was captivated by its natural beauty and the international feel of it. Nonetheless, what surprised me even more was to see that “locals” didn´t really speak any English. Majorca is a much demanded touristic destination for many English speaking countries and therefore, to really give its visitors what they deserve and to really benefit from all these great international encounters, Majorcans need to speak English naturally and fluently.

I lived in New York City for a long time. I love English. I feel English deep inside and so I want my students to feel it too and be able to get involved with it as much as I have in the past and still do. A language broadens your mind and expands the inner barriers we hold from our past cultural experiences. A language allows you to open your heart to different cultures and expose your own culture to the world feeling part of an international community. A language expands your way of thinking and makes you appreciate other options, other ways, other lands…

We believe that learning is an integral process. Motivation and results play a big role when starting a new race in learning a language and trusting the place where you choose to learn is key. With our different and effective methodology, our good will and fantastic team of teachers and receptionists we have no doubts you will achieve your goal.

Although your level of English may be low right now, or lower than you desire, we will help you improve your English in a faster and more practical and fun manner to get you thinking and speaking in English fluently and naturally.”

Nerea Miranda (Director of UPtoU Mallorca/Vitoria)

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