English for teenagers

Classes for teenagers

Growing up means increasing our knowledge

Whether it ́s for educational or personal reasons, UptoU is the best option for teenagers.

*We help increase the knowledge of those who need it so they are able to reach the level required by scholastic institutions.
*We encourage communication and interest in the English language by providing lessons that are fun and dynamic.
*We prepare the most advanced and adventurous students for international communications and trips abroad.
*We plant a foundation of English that will be with them through their educational and professional career, whether they choose to go to a Spanish institution that requires a high level of English or they want to further their studies at an international institution.
*Through our methodology even the youngest child will be in a classroom with people at their same level which will help them get the most out of the time that they spend in the classroom.

Because you choose your path in life……..your future is up to you!