“Little time si wasted. Students come out of lessons feeling they have really gained”

Company courses

Where English counts you can count on Speak Your Mind.

We adapt to each client´s needs to get the most of the course.

Many companies already trust our expertise to improve their staff´s general level of English with clear, fast and proven results.
English has long been a key tool in the development of professional careers all over the world.
In the last years, with the increase in globalization, it´s even more essential for whatever type of management.
It´s not only necessary to know written English but it´s becoming increasingly important to speak it fluently.
Businesses know that this language can open many doors and we help them prepare their employees with this task.

We offer three models of teaching for businesses:

In-company: We come to teach you at your place of business, in reduced and effective groups, allowing us to better facilitate the communication and learning process.

In-class: We offer courses in our English academy for learners of all levels.

Private classes: Classes with 1, 2 or 3 students as a way to learn and perfect the English language.

We can offer flexible times or fixed times with discounts for prolonged classes.